Fame vs Infamy After the Siege: Heroes and the Hive Mind

Lakshya Sood
4 min readMar 31, 2021

How can we heal as a nation from these twin viruses: COVID19 and The Big Lie/QAnon Conspiracy Contagion? What are some of your proposed antidotes?

Covid-19 affected the entire world in a huge way starting in March 2020. The effects of the pandemic were harsh and forced us all to change the way we live in a dramatic fashion. Almost simultaneously, however, the United States was hit by an equally devastating contagion: The Big Lie/QAnon conspiracy.

The ‘twin viruses’ were devastating in their impact and tore apart the entire nation. While Covid-19 brought about a divide through social distancing, minimal physical contact and death, the conspiracy contagion divided Trump and his overzealous supporters from the rest of the country.

While several companies worked furiously on developing a vaccine to Covid-19, the anger and protests sparked by inequality and injustice required an equally important antidote. The healing that the US now requires as a nation is for people to come together. This massive divide fueled by the twin viruses can only be put to an end by unity and peace.

What are your thoughts on Eugene Goodman’s actions the day on Jan 6th?

I was amazed by the valor, self-sacrifice, and bravery that Eugene Goodman showed on the day of the US Capital Riots. He is solely responsible for saving the lives of the people he directly to safety which is a fact that cannot be understated. His initiative to divert the mob and help innocent people around him without any protection other than a nightstick is truly deserving of a medal of honor.

Do you think AOC demonstrated bravery in telling her story? How does such a narrative redefine power? How do her relationships with other staff members provide solace and assist with collective healing?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez usually referred to as AOC recently told viewers a gut-wrenching story on her Instagram Live. AOC is usually very vocal about her political preferences and often takes to Instagram to voice her opinions on various matters.

I believe that AOC demonstrated so much bravery and power in describing her story to the public. Her ability to stand up and share such an emotional story displays how powerful she is, and how strong all women who face adversity are. The bravery she displayed redefines the power narrative as her ability to get back up after a traumatic experience shows that nobody can take away her power or keep her down.

Ocasio-Cortez’s emotional story that was told with so much honesty, passion, and bravery is an example to so many who feel powerless in today’s society and is proof that strength, kindness, and truth will be rewarded.

What is the difference between Fame and Infamy? What does the insurrection say about the shadow side of celebrityhood and false idolatry?

Fame is defined as the state of being known about by many people, especially due to notable achievements. On the other hand, infamy while also a state of being known, is being recognized due to negative qualities.

In our society today, however, fame and infamy almost seem to merge together. One of the first examples that I saw of this was NFL star O.J Simpson, who in the wake of the trial of the century, was once described as “the most famous, or infamous person on planet Earth.” Simpson, who was once recognized for his notable achievements as a football player, soon came to be associated with negative connotations. However, despite this, he was still revered by millions of people and remained a famous or infamous figure.

Similarly, today the line between fame and infamy is so blur, especially in politics. For example, millions of Americans vehemently support Donald Trump despite his racist comments, allegations of sexual misconduct and various other misdoings. Therefore, the most famous people aren’t really famous but infamous in today’s society.

The social media, live-streamed insurrection: what does it mean that the perpetrators of the Capitol siege provided photographic and video evidence of their crimes? Was this more evidence of delusion? Of white privilege?

It is absolutely shocking that the perpetrators of the Capitol siege provided photographic evidence of their crimes. It displays how skewed the current system is towards the typical White, male American. The system has completely failed on countless occasions, the Capitol siege included, to appropriately reprimand these perpetrators for their actions. The manner in which these individuals raided the Capitol building, threatened the safety of so many people, and actually had the audacity to publish photographic evidence of their actions shows just how free they feel to act in whichever way they see fit. This incident clearly displays how broken the system is.

Discuss the role of citizen sleuths and the anonymous creator of Faces of the Riot in this ongoing collaboration with the FBI. How does the hive mind serve as a corrective?